Unable to format a DVD-RW in GEAR PRO for UNIX

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Applies to Products: GEAR Pro for UNIX v4.11 and newer

Applies to Operating Systems: All UNIX

When attempting to format a DVD+RW disc, GEAR PRO reports that the power on the bus was reset, and that the format failed.

Because most DVD+RW drives are IDE/ATAPI devices, a SCSI/IDE converter needs to be used to connect the device to the UNIX system. These converters do not translate all SCSI commands to the appropriate IDE commands, and as a result certain commands sent to an IDE device via these cards fails.

The Format command is one such command.

If you are using I-O Data's IDSC21-E SCSI/IDE converter card

If you are not using this SCSI/IDE converter card, then you will need to connect the DVD+RW drive to a Windows system so that the DVD+RW media can be formatted using GEAR PRO for Windows.

Once the DVD+RW media has been formatted it does not need to be formatted again.

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