Using IDE devices with GEAR 5.0 for Linux on Linux kernel 2.6

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Applies to Products: GEAR 5.0

Applies to Operating Systems: Linux kernel 2.6

Issue The new IDE drivers, which make part of the Linux kernel version 2.6, do not allow direct access to CD and DVD devices on the IDE bus when no media has been inserted into the device. The result is that when GEAR is started, only those devices that have media inserted will be found by the application. Also selecting a drive from which the media has been removed after the application was started will result in GEAR selecting a different device.

This problem does not occur with SCSI devices.

Solution GEAR is currently investigating possible solutions for this issue.

Work Around Users who wish to use GEAR 5.0 on a Linux 2.6 kernel are currently advised to keep some piece of media in all CD & DVD devices at all times during the session.

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