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The CD and DVD volumes created by GEAR are virtual images. A virtual image contains the minimum amount of information required to record a disc. Think of it as being a file with aliases pointing to the source files you want to record. Conversely, a physical image will contain a bit for bit representation of your entire image. Because of this, physical images consume much more hard drive space than a virtual image does. Before creating new virtual image file, please review the following information regarding virtual images and their properties.

When you create a virtual image, you're really creating what's called a volume administration file. This file will carry the file extension .vol and in order to create one, you must have more than 25 MB of free disk space available.

After creating a virtual image, you may add data to it by loading files and directories into the image. Whenever you add a track to your image, four administration files will be created in the current working directory for each one. These files contain the first eight characters of your image name, plus the following extensions (where xx represents the track number):

.mxx .ixx .fxx .rxx

Never edit or delete these files manually; Doing so results in a corrupt image. Administration files are automatically deleted when the associated image is deleted

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