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Images are written to the CD/DVD recorder with the GEAR Recorder module. With this module you can create both multi-session and single-session CDs. Please note that for writing DVD images you require a DVD recorder: DVD-R(W), DVD+RW or DVD-RAM.

Writing a Single-Session Disc Before an image is written to disc, you must check the recorder settings are correct. Verifying and changing the recorder settings can be done with the GETCDRPARMS and SETCDRPARMS commands.

If you type


A list of CD recording parameters is displayed on your screen in the format =. If you do not want to accept the displayed values, you can change the value of a parameter with the SETCDRPARMS command:


Now you can verify with getcdrparms that the parameter now has the appropriate value.

If this is the first recording attempt with your current hardware configuration, we strongly recommend that you conduct a test run before attempting to write a CD. A test run can be forced by setting the WriteEnable parameter to FALSE. A test run allows a user to asses the quality of their current configuration to see if it supports the data transfer needs of CD recording without the risk of loosing a blank disc due to a buffer underrun error

You are now ready to write your disc. To start writing your image to the reoceder, enter:


For example:

writecd SAMPLE

After entering this command your GEAR image titled `sample' would be written.

Please note that for writing DVD images you require a DVD volume and a DVD recorder: DVD-R(W), DVD+RW(/+R) or DVD-RAM. If you have a new blank DVD+RW medium, you cannot use it until it has been formatted (once). You can either use previously formatted DVD+RW media, or use the FORMAT command of GEAR (from the command line) to format the DVD+RW disc. The formatting may take a long time (sometimes almost an hour), but the drive will do most of the formatting in the background. The WRITECD command will automatically initiate or resume a background format for DVD+RW media, if it detects that the DVD+RW medium has not yet been fully formatted. After entering the writecd command, GEAR proceeds with a series of operations before the actual writing operation commences:

First, the image is verified, whereby the size and time stamp of every file is compared to it's size and time stamp from the time it was loaded. If there are any discrepancies, a warning will appear. Discrepancies typically occur when files are modified after being loaded in an image. Modified files may be updated and reloaded.

GEAR then checks the recorder to be sure a blank disc is loaded. If there is no disc loaded in the recorder, GEAR prompts you to load one. Once a disc is loaded, writing commences. As the disc is written, the percentage completed will be displayed on the status lines at the bottom of your screen.

Once writing is complete, the disc is automatically ejected.

Writing a Multi-Session Image To create a multi-session image, follow the instructions as illustrated earlier in this chapter under the heading Writing a Single-Session Disc. However, before you write your image to disc, set the CD-R Multi-Session setting to true. Please see the chapter entitled "Working With Multi-Session Discs" in this manual for more information.

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