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Audio CDs should be single-session discs because CD players are single-session readers, which means you cannot finalize an audio CD until you have loaded all the audio files for all the tracks. You must therefore un-click/disable the "Close disc as Multi-session" and Fixation options in the Device panel until the last track has been recorded to CD-R. The CD-R cannot be played in a CD-ROM or CD player until it has been fixated, but you can click the Disc Info button to see what is already on the disc.

Note: Writing Track At Once can result in an Audio CD with sharp clicks between the tracks. You should only write in more than one session if you do not have enough hard disk space for all the tracks.

1. Start with selecting "New CD-Audio" from the GEAR project panel.

2. Load the Audio tracks as described above. You cannot change the pause with Track-At-Once writing (standard 2 second pause between tracks).

3. In the CD recorder settings, disable the Multi-session and disc fixation options and choose Track-At-Once.

4. Write the audio tracks to CD-R.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you have recorded all the Audio tracks.

6. Once you have finished adding Tracks or the CD is full, select Fixate disc in the Tools menu to manually fixate the disc. This turns the CD-R into a normal audio CD which can be played in any player.

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